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electrical power generation

Electrical power in the future will be supplied by a variety of alternative sources and this exhibition demonstrates in a magical and whimsical way how cooperative power generation is necessary to achieve our future electrical needs.

electricalThe Electrical Power Generation exhibit consists of four alternative power generators i.e. Hydro Generator, Wind Generator, Thermal Generator and Solar Generator. Visitors operate each of the four generators independently to generate electrical energy and this energy is displayed in real time on their respective large voltmeter.

In order to integrate these four alternatives, we present a Family Group of Musicians where each family member is connected to a specific power generator. The Hydro Mother represents Hydro Power generation, the Solar Bass Father represents Solar Power Generation, the Kodo Drum Head Teenager represents Thermal Power Generation and the Wind Bellowing Baby represents Wind Power generation.

When electrical energy from each generator exceeds 1 volt, a corresponding family member is activated in three ways. First the overhead chaser lights activates its associated family member who then begins to move in a whimsical way while at the same time a very unique musical sound track begins to play.

For instance, Hydro Mother's upper body rotates continuously while her hands move up and down on her wavy skirt. At the same time, a lively calliope based composition begins to play along watery and bubbly sounds.

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