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button hole puzzle BUTTON HOLE PUZZLE

Remove the stick and string from the oversized button hole. Looks simple, right? But this puzzles simplicity is what makes this puzzle so intriguing. You got to try it!
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Design by Exhibiteers Inc.
Client: Technorama Science Centre, Winterthur, Switzerland
Graphic design by Technorama Science Centre

great escape puzzlesGREAT ESCAPE PUZZLES

The Great Escapes are a set of puzzles based on a branch of mathematics known as 'Topology' which deals with how things are connected. The puzzle pieces look interlocked but in fact they are not, and it is possible for them to come apart in some fashion.
There are twelve different puzzles in the set ranging in difficulty levels from moderately challenging to very difficult and each set comes with instructions and solutions. The puzzles are engaging, pleasant to handle, extremely robust to withstand continuous use in science center and museum environments.
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Designed and built by Exhibiteers Inc.


Visitors create an endless variety of patterns by varying the pendulum starting conditions and by lowering and raising the pen at will.
Our Harmonograph design, a first for museums and science centers, finally provides a safe way for visitors to directly interact with two heavy pendulums.
The visual experience is truly mesmerizing.
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Watch: Harmonograph Video

Designed and built by Exhibiteers Inc.
Client: Science World, Vancouver, British Columbia

lift yourselfLIFT YOURSELF

See how the mechanical advantage of rope and pulleys allow you to lift your own weight. Custom lift ratios of 2:1 to 7:1 are available. The visitor carriage is controlled to provide a slow, smooth descent.
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Watch: Lift Yourself Video

Designed and built by Exhibiteers Inc.
Client: Catawba Science Center, Norwalk, Connecticut

Push or Pulley ItPUSH OR PULLEY IT

Can you pull yourself and the heavy box along the floor by using the mechanical advantages of pulleys. Create a variety of pulley arrangements to discover which one works best!
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Concept, design and prototype by Exhibiteers Inc.
Client: The National Inventors Hall of Fame, Akron, Ohio

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