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secrets of aging
Illustrations: Anna Vojtech

The website at is an encapsulated view of Secrets of Aging, a traveling exhibition developed by the Museum of Science, Boston.

Quoted from the site referenced above:
Secrets of Aging deals with what happens to our bodies as we age and what happens to our minds as we age.
This trend clearly suggests that more people are living longer and that seniors are making up a proportionately wider sector of society.

A powerful increase in life expectancy and a definite drop in the U.S. birth rate suggests we'll be seeing a lot more gray in the years ahead.

In 1900, there were 3.1 millions people 65 and over,
representing just 4% of the U.S. population. In 1950, 8% were over 65. Today, there are 33.2 millions people over 65 who make up over 12% of the population.

The 85+ group has increased almost 300% since 1960! Seniors will make up 17% of the population in 2020. And the extended forecast tells us they'll be 20% in 2050.

The exhibits you see here are a subset of interactive components that we developed and built in cooperation with the Boston Museum of Science for the traveling Secrets of Aging exhibition.


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