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airplane carouselAIRPLANE CAROUSEL

Visitors wind up the oversized key operator to activate the rotating carousels. Scale model airplanes are historically significant to the development of Calgary.
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Carousel conceived, designed and built by renown Calgary artist Jeff de Boer
Carousel key operator designed by Exhibiteers Inc.
Client: West Jet Terminal, Calgary Airport, Canada

dance of the fibersDANCE OF THE FIBERS

This mesmerizing display demonstrates, in slow motion, a process that normally cannot be seen in any other way: open air yarn spinning. Fibres are magically drawn up by the spinning impeller and assemble into a central structure resembling a loosely spun yarn only to be dispersed at the top, fall to the bottom and be drawn up once again in an endless dance of fibers.
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Concept, prototype and design by Exhibiteers Inc.
Client: Technorama Science Centre, Winterthur, Switzerland
Millwork by Technorama Science Centre

family of musiciansFAMILY OF MUSICIANS

Original art and music created by renown artists Jeff DeBoer and Kai Poscente were behind the magic and whimsy of these four animated family members - Hydro Mother, Solar Father, Kodo Drum Head Teenager and, of course, the irrepressible Wind Bellowing Baby. This unique family group provides the focus of four power generating stations: Hydro, Solar, Thermal and Wind generators. These family characters are so endearing and effective at engaging people of all ages that your audience will want to come back just to see them in action again.
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Conceived of by renown Calgary artist Jeff de Boer in cooperation with Exhibiteers Inc.
Original Musical Composition by Kai Poscente
Client: Science World, British Columbia


Visitors create an endless variety of patterns by varying the pendulum starting conditions and by lowering and raising the pen at will.
Our Harmonograph design, a first for museums and science centers, finally provides a safe way for visitors to directly interact with two heavy pendulums.
The visual experience is truly mesmerizing.
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Watch: Harmonograph Video

Designed and built by Exhibiteers Inc.
Client: Science World, Vancouver, British Columbia

hot air balloons HOT AIR BALLOONS

Heat the air inside a 7 foot high colourful balloon with a 24" high gas flame and watch it take flight. The real gas flame is controlled by the visitor so they can experiment with the amount of heat it takes to get things going.
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Designed and built by Exhibiteers Inc.
Client: Arizona Science Center, Phoenix, Arizona
Cabinetry and graphics by Arizona Science Center

How Do You Say?HOW DO YOU SAY...?

This computer based exhibit lets visitors choose any one of 15 different words, phrases or sounds such as 'Hello' or 'Thank You' or 'Cockle doodle do' which can be played back in any one of 5 commonly used languages or dialects spoken in various regions of the Philippines.
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Designed by Exhibiteers Inc. in cooperation with Lord Cultural Resources
Software design by Mystus Interactus
Client: National Museum of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines


This is a companion piece to the Tai Chi Movement, both of which promote gentle, low impact exercise.
The Tai Chi figures each demonstrate one of five traditional stances. This was a companion piece to the Secrets of Aging traveling exhibit.
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Designed and built by Exhibiteers Inc.
Client: Boston Museum of Science - Secrets of Aging Traveling Exhibit
Millwork and graphics by Boston Museum of Science and Mystic Scenic Studios

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